Contracts in Sports

What is a Contract? A Contract is an agreement between parties that creates a legal obligation. Where a sportsperson enters into an employment contract with a sports team or an endorsement contract with a company, such a contract becomes binding on both parties, to mean that neither can back out before the contract ends, without …

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Taxation in sports

Let’s talk about Tax in Sports; Introduction Tax is the amount of money that a government requires people, including sportspeople, to pay according to their earnings or income. The amount collected is used for national development in building roads, construction hospitals, schools and more projects. Article 209 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 states that …

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Your image, Your wealth

Sports Image Rights give a sportsperson the right to make money off their appearance, voice, pictures, signatures, slogans, personal logos and more. Indeed, your image, your wealth! Sports Image rights allows the sportsperson to decide when, how and by whom their voice, image and name can be captured, reproduced or published, especially whereby the intention …

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