Physical Training

Weight Training

This is physical training that involves lifting weights. This is a common type of strength training that supports the development of strength and growth in the size of skeletal muscles. Weight training uses a variety of specialized equipment to target specific muscle groups and types of movements. There is a wide variety of sports where …

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Aerobic Training

In this article we review Aerobic Training. Different sport activities utilize different energy systems based on the energy demands. The human body has three (3) training energy systems as below: The latter is the focus of this article, what we often refer to as cardio. This energy system utilizes fat as fuel and is activated …

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Training Combination – It’s More About the Life You Gain

I like to reference training as a deposit into longevity. More so, functional longevity that maintains our natural bodily movement into old age if/when we are so blessed. I mean, we all want to maintain the decency of using the bathroom without calling for help, no? Our bodies do not operate in an isolation fashion. …

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