MSA social intelligence course is designed to help sports professionals understand and manage interpersonal relations and diversity for professional growth development.

Social Intelligence develops from experience with people and learning from success and failures in social settings.

Professional Disposition

These include the values, commitments, and professional ethics that influence behaviors towards families, colleagues, and communities that affect athlete learning, motivation, and development as well as their professional growth. Momentum Sports Africa keeps track and educates the athlete’s on the same, enabling them to reach their maximum potential with coaches and professionals on standby.
The athletes’ psychological disposition is a factor that is increasingly considered by researchers as a key to sports performance, even as a mediator between the physical, technical and tactical abilities of the athlete and their competitive performance, thus acquiring great relevance in training and in sports performance.

Soft Skills

Soft skills have been reported to be an important component of athletic training education and clinical practice. Its development is an unspoken phenomenon that improves leadership effectiveness and clinical readiness. Momentum Sports Africa takes the initiative to work on and strengthen the soft skills of its athletes, allowing them to make a smooth transition to professional and leadership roles.
Sports have that beautiful ability to reveal these soft skills and attributes, and we’re here to make sure the athlete identifies them. Soft-skills like problem-solving, time management, teamwork, negotiation abilities, and team building are all required soft skills.
Coaching in soft-skills provides a framework for career development. Momentum Sports Africa ensures that everything in an athlete’s life on and off the field functions smoothly.

Cultural Integration

Sport allows for an elevated experience in interaction. It has the potential to serve as a platform for integration, citizenship, democracy, intercultural information exchange, and the establishment and consolidation of social networks. Sport not only keeps you healthy and improves your IQ, but it may also help you integrate into different societies.
At Momentum Sports Africa we understand emphasis on development and learning rather than pure competition is vital for integration. We involve our training professionals who are culturally competent providers of these services. These localized trainings, often within the context of programs in psychology, provide educational modules or practical experiences aimed at exposing trainees to the cultural practices of specific client populations and buffering culture shock.