Who We Are


Momentum Digital has the MSA Portal where all data on the participating members is uploaded upon registration. All members who have a touch point with MSA are registered on this portal MSA portal is also a point of engagement between the member and the MSA teams; it is through this online space they access their virtual lessons, their training tips, social networking, and access to CRM We run data analytics on this portal as it is the optimum way to know what exactly correlates with success. It gives us a baseline to which we compare the members performances against the desired outcome.


Preparatory Phase

Strategy & Planning

Momentum Sports Africa assists in creating your guidelines, budgetary requirements, and the master planning. We facilitate in defining the event’s direction and current and long-term objectives and articulate the precise strategies to achieve them.

Conceptualization & Project Management

Momentum Sports Africa identifies the project needs, assesses its demand, identifies potential project geographies, and articulates the project’s objectives. This is achieved by being the advisory on the functional structuring of your event core team and coordination of all stakeholders involved.

OPeration Preparation

Momentum Sports Africa draws up actionable items and milestones that each team or department needs to complete in order to execute your project. To ensure readiness, we organize stimulation exercises in order to secure smooth operational procedures and maximize the efficiency of the event operations.


Operational Delivery

Momentum Sports Africa delivers a full inventory on operational management ensuring that we fully implement the action items and meeting all set milestones assigned to the project. We activate the monitoring tools and ensure effective internal communications.

Post Event

Reporting & Balance sheet

Once major steps into the project are completed, Momentum Sports Africa provides detailed and effective final reports and impact study related to the event which articulate the economic, technical, financial, managerial, and production elements.


Bernice Macharia

C.E.O & Founder

Robert Keter


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